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I’m so much cooler on tumblr than in real life but I’m not even cool on tumblr

— Everyone who has watched Fullmetal Alchemist, the day after they finished it. (via grreece)


The human body has 7 trillion nerves and some people manage to get on every single fucking one of them

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let’s play a game called “are you staring at me because im hot or ugly”


This is the one post on Tumblr that I literally will not allow myself to scroll past. Sometimes I dont even wanna reblog it anymore because its on my blog so many times, but I still do

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a happy couple might’ve got married today 

someone might’ve kissed their best friend and realized they are gay today

someone might’ve found out they were officially cancer free today

someone might’ve finally finished their debut novel today 

lots of interesting things might’ve happening today 

we should celebrate 

you’re the kind of person everyone needs in their lives

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✂   Fukuo